Hello there, 

My name is Jing Cheng and I am  the owner, the artist, designer and web admin of Corner Croft. 

It all started about 10 years ago when I accompanied my friend to a watercolor class. That was the first time I learned watercolor and I loved it. The magic of watercolor never fails to amaze me. I was hooked and I've never stopped painting since.

At the beginning of 2014, in an attempt at decluttering, I sold a lot of my paintings online. I decided to open a watercolor shop on ETSY. I started to sell the original watercolor paintings and then moved on to watercolor clipart, watercolor illustration and digital design. I also started shops on various online market places. I was concentrating on making quality artwork, improving my skills and leaving the admin work to the market places.

4 years on, now I feel I am ready to have my own website, to communicate directly to customers. 

So here I am :) 

You are welcome to drop me a message if you have any questions!