Watercolor Cumbria Rabbit Illustration, Personalised Print Creator, Watercolor Clipart, Instant Download

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The Story of Cumbria Rabbit, watercolor illustration for personalised print, story creator and scene creator, for instant download

I am very excited to introduce this amazing hand painted watercolor illustration, The Story of Cumbria Rabbit, which is inspired by Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". The style of the design is classic and detailed, similar to the original Beatrix Potter's book but with a modern touch.

This collection includes 6 figurine designs of the Rabbit, with removable jackets. There are front views and side views of the Rabbit, running the Rabbit and sleeping the Rabbit. The garden, vegetable and flower elements includes watering can, flower pots, fence and gate, black birds and robins, radish, parsley, French beans, lettuce and flowers. There are also watercolor background texture and pre made cards from the above elements.

With so many elements, the collection is perfect for making personalised prints, my family prints, greeting cards, Easter cards, nursery stories, labels and logos and variety of projects for children.

What is included: 58 pngs and 11 jpg files.

- 24 rabbit elements, typically rabbit 2.5"x6" 300 dpi, png with transparent background;
- 34 garden and flower elements, size vary, typically radish, 4" x 6", 300 dpi, png with transparent background;
- 5 watercolor texture, about 7" x 10", 300 dpi, jpeg;
- 6 pre made greeting cards , 5" x7", 300 dpi, jpeg.

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How to download

The file should be available for download after cleared payment. Please contact me if there is any problem downloading the file and I will sort it out for you.

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